+ Autumn's Arrival +

Autumn’s Arrival is more

than the coming of a season;

it is the story of a Journey -

of the power of Love

and the radiant Hope

of Family.


We just celebrated the 2nd birthday of our wonderful daughter Autumn Ember, and after working for a large majority of that time on a picture book about her adoption story it is going to print this week!

The book will be a 32 page full-color picture book that has a linen color with two metallic foil stamps on the cover. We will only be printing 1000 of these and I will be signing and numbering each one. They are being printed right nearby in Clarksville, Tennessee via API print productions.

*below is a preview of a couple page spreads


These books and the prints, sketches, and woodblocks used to create the illustrations will be released at an upcoming event here in Athens GA.

Book Release - Print Sale - Show Opening

August 31st 2019 - 2pm to 6pm

The Lyndon House Arts Center

Athens GA

Show runs until October 12th 2019

Below is the crazy pile of 72 mounted original woodblock prints ready for the event.


The gallery show at the Lyndon House will include the sketches, the mounted original prints that were used for the book, and the original carved blocks of all 18 illustrations as well.

If you would like to learn more about the process behind the work you can click below:


Finally, I am happy to announce that for this release event I will be including in the first 250 books a special limited edition signed and numbered 4-color risograph print on French speckletone recycled paper.