Stories to Tell

It was in the summer, when the muscadines fruit and the cicada hum their tone,
That Autumn arrived abruptly, and sooner than expected
— Autumn's Arrival, by LoveHawk

I have recently been working on illustrating a Children’s Book I wrote last year, called Autumn’s Arrival. I am currently about half way through the illustrations and I am happy to get to share some of the progress!

Below you can enjoy some photos of the process in creating the woodcuts to illustrate this story:

So far I have printed 9 of 18 different illustrations telling the story through poetic woodland imagery of the adoption of our daughter, Autumn. I created these original images using the method of woodblock reduction print (you can see THIS blog post to learn more about his method). For these prints I started with 12 different colorways, hoping to finish with around 10 usable prints for each image. From those 180 different prints (10 for each 18 illustrations) we will pick our favorite colorway of each print to scan and design as the book’s final illustrations and cover art. In September of this year (2019), I will have a show at the Lyndon House here in Athens GA where I will be releasing the book, Autumn’s Arrival, and also selling the original prints, blocks, and sketches as well. I will keep folks updated here on the process and production as it continues through the Spring into Summer.

Below are some pictures of a few of the prints so far in more finished states for you to enjoy: