Oaks and Pines

I fell down, sometimes I don't want to get back up again
It can be so calm down there, but there is always something pulling me back up here.

Oaks and Pines, they make it look so easy, it's a matter of time.
My journey seems so arduous when I only see it as mine.
It's a matter of time.

Oh but then I feel the Divine, hands on my shoulders, tears on the ground and sometimes I don't want to get back up again.

Bury me in the soil, make me Oaks and Pines, some part of me has die, it's a matter of time.
You think you have let go, and the Love comes to pull at what you hold in your hands.  All this Flesh and Blood, Emotions and Thoughts, take it from me Love.

My body will become cold and my flesh will fall off the bones, then the Warmth will come, it's a matter of time.
Break me wide open scatter the seeds of Oaks and Pines.

I will hold up the stars and they will pull me in.  Stand so tall and then I will fall.  I will then grow back again.  I am Oak I am Pine, it's a matter of time