While You Were Sleeping : Art Print

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While You Were Sleeping : Art Print


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She came to you from within, 

that Muse of the nocturnal

undressed before you slowly

and laid you down there again.


You knew she would be returning

because of that pull within

and when she kissed you softly

she whispered you a story.


“While you are sleeping,

some from here and other places

begin their dance of graces

their ritual of subtle greetings.


The coyote tells his story,

the barn owl, she listens innately.

While the frogs sing their chorus,

and the deer holds himself so stately.  


Through you they weave their stories,

nighttime wanderings, dreamtime vision.

To these you must surrender,

diurnal walking being, nocturnal violin.”  


All this, while you were sleeping…


This print GLOWS IN THE DARK :)


Limit 2 per household (All orders of of 2 prints will be refunded).  Thank You.

12" x 36"
 Limited Edition of 100 Screenprint
Signed and numbered
4 Colors (one Glow-in-the-Dark)

French (Kraft) Speckletone Paper 

*Recycled/ Made in the USA / Sustainable Energy

*Printed by Lady Lazarus Press in Houston, TX.



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