Love Hawk


LOVE Print

LOVE Print


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12" x 36" Limited Edition (50)

Signed and Numbered
3 Colors Screenprint (1 Metallic on the "Blue" version *this reads as a gunmetal blue)

80# French True White Speckletone Paper (Made in US, Recycled  and with sustainable energy)

About the art:

Often when I am drawing I contemplate things that I love; people, places, animals, plants, and the Spirit that resides in them all.  This very frequently becomes a very intense and expansive experience, that I can tell is authentic and valuable.  I wanted to share how this feels to me, and the best means I have is by visually articulating.  So, when I studied the experience, I found myself imagining my heart overflowing; an almost painful but relieving feeling; much like a waterfall pouring from my Heart.  So, I drew this image, of that love bursting forth; the Christ Love we all contain; sustaining and giving life to such a great abundance.  It's a monumental experience for me and I hope you can take some time in looking to feel what it is I am attempting to share.  <3

Can you find these animals:

Bear  + Barn Owl + Armadillo + Frog + Robin + Cardinal + 2 Hawks and a Nest + Deer + 2 Tadpoles + Wood Duck + Snail + Crawdad + Coyote + Turtle + Beaver +  Armadillo + Rabbit + Salamander + Squirrel + Human + Snake + 2 Trout +  Snail + Cougar + Butterfly + A lot of LOVE!

*Printed by Lady Lazarus in Houston, TX

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