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Copperhead Print

Copperhead Print

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One day a few years ago I found 3 baby Copperheads in the wheat straw arrow stop I had setup.  Their mother laid them live in the wheat straw for its warmth.  I have seen them over the years, growing, by the back porch, along the creek, and in the woods.  They are not aggressive creatures, and should not be feared but respected.  When they are young their heads sparkle with copper like the leafed halos of an icon painting.  I hold them in the same regard.

10" x 14" Limited Edition (50)
Signed, Numbered and Embossed
4 Color Screenprint (one metallic)
French "Natural" 80 lb Speckletone Paper (Recycled made in USA)

*Printed by Lady Lazarus in Houston, TX

*Shipped Flat unless shipped packaged with other larger prints

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