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Avett Brothers : ATL 05/07/16

Avett Brothers : ATL 05/07/16


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This image was created using elements from a Red Oak that fell on my land and I helped mill.  The tree and my hatchet were designed as hand carved and hand printed woodcuts.  I also hand printed the end grain of some of the lumber made from the tree, a broken bandsaw blade from the mill, and a horizontal cut of the largest limb on the tree.  I took all these elements and created this screenprint for the wonderful Avetts.  I give thanks for all that this tree has given.  

Limit 2 per household.  Thank You.

12" x 36"
 Limited Edition of 200 Screenprint (50 available here)
Signed and numbered (each with unique decorations) & Embossed
1 Color
Neenah Stardream "Onyx" paper (has a nice graphite sheen)

The Avett Brothers

Alpharetta, GA May 7th, 2016

Verizon Amphitheater 

*Printed by Lady Lazarus Press in Houston, TX.



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