Love Hawk


How do I make an appointment?

New and returning clients are encouraged to sign up for the Gratitude Designs released in the monthly newsletter. David currently does not maintain a waiting list

Please do not email us in regards to an appointment David is currently only tattooing from his Gratitude Designs and we do not have time to respond to all the emails we receive.   Thank you so much for your interest in Love Hawk Studio!

What are the Gratitude Designs?

David releases designs in his newsletter when he will be tattooing.  New and returning clients can apply for these tattoo designs.  Each is only tattooed once.  This is David's way of sharing the designs he is really feeling at the time and to show his Gratitude for his Clients.  All the designs will be of things he is praying for Gratitude towards in his life during the time they are created.  

Can you design me a Tattoo to be completed by another Tattoo Artist?

As much as I would like to design every tattoo, there simply is not enough time in my busy schedule to design tattoos I do not actually tattoo.  Thanks so much for the interest in my work, and I am honored by the request.

I really love this tattoo in your portfolio. Can you do the same design on me? Can I have it tattooed by another artist?

Each of David’s “designs” are actually custom creations for the specific client, and each tattoo carries a special significance for that client. So, it is both unlawful and disrespectful to have this tattoo copied by another tattooer. We do get many similar requests, so, you’re not alone in this thought process; however it is totally unacceptable to go forward with this intention. I thank you for your sensitivity in asking beforehand and hope that you understand why we must decline such inquiries. It is out of respect for both David’s work and for his clients.

Can I have permission to get your Artwork / Designs tattooed on me?

I apologize but I cannot give you permission to use my artwork as a tattoo.  I have a policy of not giving anyone permission to get my designs tattooed by other artists out of respect for my clients and my work.  I do this for my clients because I feel they deserve to have my designs kept exclusive, they have to wait years to get tattooed by me and many come from very far away, I feel the least I can do is prevent my designs from becoming mass produced as tattoos.  I also will most likely have a client at some point who is interested in having this design tattooed and I would like to be able to do that when the opportunity comes, and if I know the design has been tattooed already I cannot do this in good conscious, as I only tattoo original designs. I do this out of respect for my work as I have not had an experience yet where I felt pleased with another artist’s execution of my design, although my tattoos are by no-means perfect, I feel that the designs deserve to be tattooed by my hand.  I hope you understand this, and I really appreciate your request, and your willingness to make it.  I hope you can understand my policy and I hope it is compassionate and respectful of all people involved.

How much do you charge?

David currently has a “pay what you see fitting” policy for tattoos.  Clients are required to leave a $100 non-refundable non-transferable deposit on any new projects which can be considered the minimum for the tattoo.  Beyond the $100 deposit, any monetary exchange is entirely up to the client.  This policy is intended to open David and family further to trusting the Spirit and relinquishing monetary pressure on the sacred act of tattoo.